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Being an English student means that I am very much in charge of what my day will look like. I arrange my reading and essay writing time according to my essay deadline for that week. There are usually a couple of lectures that you may attend a day, but it is really up to you how you learn best and whether that particular lecture series will be useful or not.

I mostly frequent the Ward to loan out books and work in the library, rather than lugging the books elsewhere, but you can also work in any library that suits you, or even in the comfort of your room or a cosy café.

1st year: Acted in the annual Indian cultural show, Mastana, 2018 and 3rd (final!) year: pretending to work on my dissertation

You will usually have one or two supervisions a week, during which you may discuss the essay and the reading that you may have done that week. This will be your opportunity to ask about any theory or piece of the text that you did not understand or expand and dig deeper into a specific theme that interests you. The supervisor may set out a theme for the week with an attached reading list, but depending on your supervisor, you can usually negotiate this to look at something that interests you in that specific paper that term.

Although my day is more flexible perhaps in comparison to that of a Medic or NatSci (Natural Scientist) as you may have less contact hours, it does mean that I have to be conscious and self-police to meet essay deadlines without procrastinating or leaving things to the last minute!

Aisha, English Literature
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