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Here in Peterhouse there are various welfare systems in place to provide you with the support that you need. There are two general JCR Welfare Officers who are here to try and support you throughout the year. Our responsibilities include providing condoms, dental dams, pregnancy tests etc. for JCR members, running weekly welfare hours in which you can come and speak to us about anything that is troubling you - nothing is too trivial. We are not limited to these welfare hours; if this set up doesn’t suit you, you can get in contact (over email/facebook) and we can set something up that makes you feel more comfortable. We also run different welfare events throughout the term to keep morale up in college and give everyone a chance to come and speak to us if they would like some support.

As well as the general welfare officers there are a whole range of JCR officers responsible for student welfare: the BME Officer, the Women and Marginalised Genders Officer, the LGBTQ+ Officer and the Disabilities and Illnesses Officer. Outside of the student body there are a range of student services in Peterhouse and throughout the University as a whole that can help. We can also help you navigate the system if you need a hand working out the best person to see.

Within college there are numerous sources of support and welfare. The Welfare Co-ordinator, Jennifer Adams-Massman, is on hand for student support. Tutors are available to talk to about problems of any kind and you may go to any tutor in Peterhouse if you are having a problem, not just your own. The College Nurse, Kim, is also available on weekdays. Outside of Peterhouse there are various other places you can go to seek counselling and advice such as the Students’ Unions' Advice Service at the University of Cambridge and the University Counselling Service (UCS). There are also a number of listening and advice services available should you need them. The CUSU welfare page https://www.cusu.co.uk/support/welfare/ has a helpful list of available organisations and phone numbers.

Naomi Weir and Tristan Hipper, Women and Non-binary and Men and Non-binary Welfare Officers

Welfare Tea (held every Saturday during exam term), welfare walks with Barnaby the basset hound, and welfare easter eggs!
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