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International Population

Of all undergraduate students Peterhouse houses, 34.3% are from overseas and the EU, making it a very international college.

International Storage

Unlike many other colleges, Peterhouse provides free storage for all students living outside England (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland included). This is a great help as all students are asked to move out of their rooms at the end of each term.

Holiday Accommodation

As an international student, you also have priority if you would like to stay in college between terms (ie. Winter Break, Easter Break or Summer Break). College are very understanding if you live overseas and may not be able to travel home, whereby you can apply to stay in college for part of, or the full, break. Depending on the circumstances, you may even be able to stay in your room and then completely avoid the hassle of moving your things in and out of storage.

International Events

Within Peterhouse: The International Officer organises events at Peterhouse throughout the year, including get-togethers like brunches or formals, even movie nights and events celebrating international festivals. They are arranged for the international students but are open to anyone regardless of nationality. These may take place at Peterhouse or at other colleges and are therefore a great opportunity to meet internationals from outside Peterhouse.

University-wide: At University level, iCUSU (the international branch of the Cambridge Students' Union) organise events such as International Freshers Week and keep you informed about the activities of international societies through email newsletters.

International Societies

These are university-wide societies that anyone can join, and usually cater to a specific nationality or global region, which organise society events like shows or balls (eg. the CSSA Chinese New Year Gala, Hindu Soc Holi). For a full list of international societies visit the CUSU International Societies Directory.

International Freshers Week

This is one of the best opportunities for international freshers to meet and settle into Cambridge life a week before the ‘regular’ freshers week commences. iCUSU organises events such as punting, town tours and pub crawls and at Peterhouse there will be college tours and more small-scale socials for Peterhouse internationals. Joint college events during international freshers week are also popular, and allows mingling among internationals and non-internationals. Think of it as a way for you to become an expert on Peterhouse and Cambridge before the home students have even arrived.

If you have any other questions that you think a Peterhouse student could answer, please email the Peterhouse international representative at

Juliette van Steensel, International Officer
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