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CCE (Charities, Campaigns and Environment) is an umbrella position which covers (as the name suggests) 3 separate areas. As CCE officer, one of my main responsibilities is to make sure that we as a college are being as sustainable as possible. This entails communicating with college to make sure we are recycling properly, and to explore other avenues through which we can be more environmentally sustainable - such as putting posters up around college that inform people about small changes they can make in their daily lives that reduce their carbon footprint, or ensuring we as a college are not being overly wasteful with, for example, single use plastics. My role also includes helping the college select a charity, and arrange fundraising events for this! Finally, the “campaigns” section of the role essentially means that I should select a campaign within the college that we are working towards. For example, this year I decided to focus on the more environmental side of things, and am aiming to help our Green Impact Team get a Bronze Award for Peterhouse. To combine all of these roles, we have Green Week in Michaelmas, which I am responsible for arranging! This will be a week of raising awareness about environmental issues, while also fundraising for the selected charity, through a variety of activities and events.

Johanna Winder, CCE Officer

The Deer Park
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