Peterhouse has a wide variety of accommodation for undergraduates (which is provided throughout the whole undergraduate degree), ranging from old, wood-panelled rooms, to new and refurbished ones, with ensuites available for all years. Most rooms are within college grounds, and the ones that are not are no more than a few minutes walk away.

All first years live together in the same accommodation, (St Peter’s Terrace and the William Stone Building), to help freshers integrate and make friends more easily.

For all other undergraduates, a room ballot takes place each year to determine the order in which people get to choose their room. Peterhouse differs from other colleges in that the room ballot is based on participation in extra-curriculars, in addition to academic performance. At the end of each term each student claims room points based on how large a commitment each extra-curricular was for them; points can be claimed for things such as college/university sports, theatre, being on the committee of college/university societies, access (e.g. giving tours or school talks) and volunteering.

Students have to move their stuff out of their room each term, but Peterhouse offers free storage for international students, including people from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. You can also pay extra to stay over the holidays (this is usually reimbursed if you can come up with a good reason for being in Cambridge!)

The following sections describe a few of the different types of accommodation in Peterhouse, along with some pictures of what a typical room may look like and approximate rent prices.

St Peter’s Terrace (~£60-£160/week)

A beautiful Regency terrace at the end of the Deer park that has high ceilings and generous floor space, with a mix of small and large rooms varying over a range of prices.

The William Stone Building (~£145/week)

A 1970’s high-rise building next to SPT (that looks a bit like a car-park). Although the rooms are smaller than most in SPT, they are all ensuite.

Old Court/Gisborne Court (~£85-£175/week)

The most central rooms in College, located in Peterhouse’s main court. Being old, they are susceptible to problems with plumbing and other maintenance issues. Even so, due to the location, they are usually the most sought after rooms.

The Whittle Building (~£125-£155/week)

The newest accommodation in college (opened in 2015) and located pretty centrally, all the rooms are ensuite and well-furnished.

Fitzwilliam Street (~£60-£130/week)

About a two-minute walk from college, Fitzwilliam Street 16, 17, 19 and 22 are owned by Peterhouse and house undergraduates. The rooms tend to be fairly recently refurbished, and the bathrooms and kitchens are usually shared by not too many people. As Fitz street isn’t within main college, the rooms are usually not that desired and so are mostly occupied by second years and are usually reasonably priced.


Peterhouse will do all it can to support your needs, whether they be related to a physical or non-physical disability, whilst you are here, so that you are able to live and study in college comfortably. Recently, the William Stone Building has been made wheelchair-accessible. The ground floor has a bedroom, supervision room and laundry facilities. This is now in addition to the accessible accommodation of the ground floor Whittle building, meaning wheelchair users can now live with their cohort throughout their time here. Of course, there is always more that can be done to be inclusive and considerate, so please feel free to contact the college with any questions or suggestions you may have regarding a specific need, they will be more than happy to help!

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