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Peterhouse Sexcentenary Club

This page documents all the members of previous committees and their role in the Sexcentenary Club.

2019-20 Committee

Name Position
Aisha FarooqPresident
Clifford RobinsonJunior Treasurer
Guillermo IniguezVice-President and External Officer
Ivan PhanadaInternational Officer
Joey PritchardSecretary and Communications Officer
Johanna WinderCharities, Campaigns, and Environments Officer
JP LaduguieWebmaster
Marina MateoWomen and Marginalised Genders Officer
Morgan BarndenLBGTQ Officer
Naomi WeirWomen and Non-binary Welfare Officer
Ruben TraynorAccess & Equal Opportunities Officer
Shayan NavabEthnic Minorities Officer
Shijian YangBar and Buttery Officer
Sidony BryantDisabilities and Illnesses Officer
Sophie ChallonderFirst Year Officer
Talia SmithersEntertainments Officer
Tristan HipperMen and Non-binary Welfare Officer

2018-19 Committee

Name Position
Ada GuntherWomen & Marginalised Genders Officer
Aisha FarooqEthnic Minorities Officer
Alastair FeeneySecretary
Aled PowellLGBT Officer
Alex LawrenceBar & Buttery Officer
Charlotte WrightCharities, Campaigns & Environments Officer
Freya SomervillePresident
JP LaduguieWebmaster
Liza HartleyEntertainments Officer
Matt ThorneMen's Welfare Officer
Naomi WeirFreshers Rep
Sam BarronAccess Officer
Shoomena AnilWomen's Welfare Officer
Taylor BriggsTreasurer & Amenities Officer
Will EdwardsVice President
Yung LoInternational Rep

2017-18 Committee

Name Position
Bec RobinsonPresident
Charmaine ClubbAccess & Equal Opportunities Officer
Daniyal AliInternational Representative
Fanny DedenbachBar & Buttery Officer
Freya SomervilleFirst Year Officer
Georgina MajuryWebmaster
Jonathan FryTreasurer & Amenities Officer
Katherine WilliamsCharities, Campaigns & Environment Officer
Millie GiudiciAcademic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Women's Rep
Will EdwardsLBGT+ Representative

2016-17 Committee

Name Position
Aiden Ang Ding JunSecretary & Communications Officer
Alice RogersEnts Officer
Bec RobinsonFirst Year Officer
Cameron SaundersAcademic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Men's Rep
Elizabeth LloydVice President and External Officer
Frances HawkerPresident
Georgie GirdwoodAcademic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Women's Rep
Julian SutcliffeLBGT+ Representative
Naomi ObengEthnic Minorities Officer
Stevie HertzWomen's Officer
Vanessa UptonCharities, Campaigns & Environment Officer
Xiao LinTreasurer & Amenities Officer
Xuan GuoWebmaster
Yanhong ZhaoInternational Representative

2015-16 Committee

Name Position
Adrito DasWebmaster
Caitlin Milliken Academic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Women's Rep
Ellie Myerson Women's Officer
Frances HawkerFirst Year Officer
Harry Ruffell Treasurer & Amenities Officer
Helena Raraty Charities, Campaigns & Environment Officer
Joel MarhallAcademic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Men's Rep
Johanna OhlmanPresident
Lucy Mair Secretary & Communications Officer
Margaret Polk Vice President and External Officer
Natalie Rickard Access & Equal Opportunities Officer
Nicole Zhou Ents Officer
Peter JacksonInternational Representative
Sam Draper Bar & Buttery Officer

2014-15 Committee

Name Position
Adam MelvinBar & Buttery Officer
Ailish DavisAcademic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Women's Rep
Alex LaarAcademic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Men's Rep
Dunstan RodriguesVice President & External Officer
George ThomasPresident
Hanna TameLBGTQ Representative
Hannah MarcusSecretary & Communications Officer
Johanna OhlmanInternational Representative
Melanie EthertonAccess & Equal Opportunities Officer
Niels van FraassenJunior Treasurer
Rachel LewisFirst Year Officer
Tassia McAdamEnts Officer
Terence LinnellWebmaster

2013-14 Committee

Name Position
Adam DrewAcademic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Male Rep
Charlotte JamesInternational Representative
Corey Gilmore-TogherLBGTQ Representative
David WalshAmenities Officer & Vice President
George ThomasAccess & Equal Opportunities Officer
Hannah LaidleyAcademic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Women's Rep
Jenni CaisleySecretary & Communications Officer
Josh LewisWebmaster
Kay DentCharities, Capaigns & Environment Officer
Lizzie PotterFirst Year Officer
Martin BodenJunior Treasurer
Sam MelvinBar & Buttery Officer
Theo McCauslandEnts Officer
Tom BendallPresident
William KennawayExternal Officer

2012-13 Committee

Name Position
Adam DonaldExternal Officer & Vice President
Alba GodfreyInternational Representative
George JohnsonEnts Officer
Hannah FoxAcademic Affairs and Welfare Officer - Female Rep
James BrindAmenities Officer
Josh LewisWebmaster
Kayleigh McMillanJunior Treasurer
Natasha FrickerSecretary and Communications Officer
Ollie BondAccess and Equal Opportunities Officer
Pete WilkesAcademic Affairs and Welfare Officer - Male Rep
Rachel SiddellCharities, Campaigns and Environment Officer
Rhys JamesPresident
Rosie Shewell-BrockwayLBGTQ Representative
Sam MackrillFirst Year Representative
Tom BendallBar and Buttery Officer

2011-12 Committee

Name Position
Angharad ThainAccess and Equal Opportunities Officer
Ben RyanPresident
Caroline NorrisAcademic Affairs and Welfare Officer - Female Rep
Ed TaitAcademic Affairs and Welfare Officer - Male Rep & Webmaster
Guy FrancisExternal Officer & Vice President
Jessie AnandEnts Officer
John SwarbrokeLBGTQ Representative
Lotte RietveldInternational Representative
Margaret RiachJunior Treasurer
Philip McDonaldSecretary and Communications Officer
Rebecca TsaoCharities, Campaigns and Environment Officer
Rhys JamesBar and Buttery Officer
Richard DeardenFirst Year Representative
Sina GhadiriAmenities Officer

2010-11 Committee

Name Position
Ashley AbrahamsFirst Year Representative
Austin CarpenterExternal Officer
Ben RyanBar and Buttery Officer
Bob WinslowAccess and Equal Opportunities Officer
Daniel ThomasWebmaster
Ed TaitLBGT Representative
Emma GreensmithEnts Officer
Faye RolfeAcademic Affairs and Welfare Officer
Isabella CooksonWomen's Representative
Mingwei TanInternational Representative
Nancy ChenGEEMA Representative
Nathan AllenSecretary and Communications Officer
Nick Dixon-CleggPresident
Rebecca TsaoCharities, Campaigns and Environment Officer
Safia ErbakanAmenities Officer & Vice President
Youn Yee PoonJunior Treasurer

2009-10 Committee

Name Position
Ben BussmannCharities, Campaigns and Environment Officer
Daniel ThomasWebmaster
Eva CapponInternational Representative
Faye RolfeAcademic Affairs and Welfare Officer
Jamie McFarlaneEditor of 'The Sex'
Joe RuizPresident
Jonny PorterJunior Treasurer
Kevin HowesExternal Officer
Melissa HusseyLBGT Representative
Nathan Allen; Was Sophie RussellSecretary and Communications Officer
Nick Dixon-CleggFirst Year Representative
Rebecca WatsonAccess and Equal Opportunities Officer
Safia ErbakanWomen's Representative
Sarah CookEnts Officer
Ted RandolphBar and Buttery Officer
Tim HarleyAmenities Officer
Tolu OkeGEEMA Representative

2008-09 Committee

Name Position
Chris ConnollyAccess & Equal Opportunities Officer
Ellie BallCharities, Campaigns & Environment Officer
Jan BockInternational Representative
Kevin HowesExternal Officer
Natacha TiemannJCR Treasurer & JCR Vice President
Phil BurnsFirst Year Representative
Pilar GarrardJCR President
Rachel ClarkJCR Secretary & Communications Officer
Rob OlfordAmenities Officer
Rose FisherEnts Officer
Ted RandolphBar & Buttery Officer

2007-08 Committee

Name Position
Angharad ThomasEnts Officer
BenJunior Treasurer
Ben FisherPresident
Ben MargeresonLBGT Representative
Caroline ZiserInternational Representative
Cordelia SmithSecretary and Communications Officer
Emma BlackburnAcademic Affairs and Access Officer
Juan CoboExternal Officer
Laura WelleslyCharities, Campaigns and Environment Officer
Lewis JonesAmenities Officer
Liam FosterFirst Year Representative
Louis JaggerEditor of 'The Sex'
Matthias ChewGEEMA Representative
Natacha TeimannEqual Opportunities and Welfare Officer
Pilar GarrardWomen's Representative
Samuel GallacherBar and Buttery Officer

2006-07 Committee

Name Position
Ben FisherJCR Treasurer & Vice President
Charlotte 'Lady' SayersFirst Year Representative
Christian HerrmannInternational Representative
Dave KerrAmenities Officer
David HopperAccess & Equal Opportunities Officer
Jenny TaylorCharities, Campaigns & Environment Officer
Katy GriffithsBar & Buttery Officer
Nat Slater and Krzys HonowskiEnts Officer
Paul PowleslandExternal Officer
Pete DaviesJCR President
Sean LipJCR Secretary & Communications Officer

2005-06 Committee

Name Position
Dave KerrFirst Year Representative
Duncan MorganEditor of 'The Sex'
Franklin ZhongGEEMA Representative
Gerard BakerLBGT Representative
Jenny MalickaWomen's Representative
John DaltonBar and Buttery Officer
Maritza HandalInternational Representative
Matthew BennettPresident
Nick Grafton-GreenAcademic Affairs and Access Officer
Patrick OveryAmenities Officer
Pete DaviesSecretary and Communications Officer
Sam RobertsJunior Treasurer
Sarah AllenEnts Officer
Sian HoganCharities, Campaigns and Environment Officer
Tom CoxEqual Opportunities and Welfare Officer
Will BarrettExternal Officer and Vice-President

2004-05 Committee

Name Position
Colin FultonPresident
Dheer MehtaInternational Representative
Franklin ZhongSecretary and Communications Officer
George PennyAmenities Officer
Julia FordhamWelfare and Equal Opportunities Officer and Vice-President
Mark SmithJunior Treasurer
Mark SymesBar and Buttery Officer
Matthew BennettAcademic Affairs and Target Schools Officer
Padrig O'HaraEnts Officer
Paul LomaxExternal Officer
Rebecca HitchensWomen's Representative
Sam RobertsFirst Year Representative
Sameer KurmaniGEEMA Representative
Tabitha HuttonCharities, Campaigns and Environment Officer
Victoria Pia Spry-MarquesLBGT Representative
Will BarrettEditor of 'The Sex'
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