Peterhouse Sexcentenary Club

This page documents all minutes from committee meetings and open meetings held by the Sexcentenary Club.

Title Date Committee
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting17th Jun, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Open Meeting13th Jun, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting24th May, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting10th May, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting28th Apr, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting13th Mar, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting1st Mar, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Open Meeting22nd Feb, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting15th Feb, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting31st Jan, 20192019-20
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting1st Oct, 20182018-19
Sexcentenary Club Open Meeting15th Jun, 20182018-19
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting11th May, 20182018-19
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting26th Apr, 20182018-19
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting12th Mar, 20182018-19
Sexcentenary Club Open Meeting2nd Mar, 20182018-19
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting23rd Feb, 20182018-19
Sexcentenary Club Committee Meeting10th Feb, 20182018-19
JCR Open Meeting16th Mar, 20172017-18
JCR Meeting15th Mar, 20172017-18
JCR Meeting26th Feb, 20172017-18
JCR Meeting13th Feb, 20172017-18
JCR Meeting22nd Jan, 20172016-17
JCR Open Meeting18th Jan, 20172016-17
JCR Meeting27th Nov, 20162016-17
JCR Open Meeting17th Nov, 20162016-17
JCR Meeting7th Nov, 20162016-17
JCR Meeting23rd Oct, 20162016-17
JCR Meeting9th Oct, 20162016-17
JCR Open Meeting6th Jun, 20162016-17
JCR Meeting23rd Apr, 20162016-17
JCR Open Meeting1st Mar, 20162016-17
JCR Meeting27th Feb, 20162016-17
JCR Meeting13th Feb, 20162016-17
CCC Meeting6th Feb, 20162016-17
JCR Meeting30th Jan, 20162016-17
JCR Summary Meeting11th Oct, 20152015-16
JCR Summary Meeting9th May, 20152015-16
JCR Summary Meeting25th Apr, 20152015-16
JCR Open Meeting23rd Feb, 20152015-16
JCR Welfare Meeting15th Feb, 20152015-16
JCR Summary Meeting14th Feb, 20152015-16
JCR Logistics Meeting13th Feb, 20152015-16
JCR Open Meeting11th Feb, 20152015-16
JCR Summary Meeting9th Feb, 20152015-16
JCR Meeting1st Feb, 20152015-16
JCR Meeting27th Apr, 20142014-15
JCR Open Meeting16th Mar, 20142014-15
JCR Meeting9th Mar, 20142014-15
JCR Meeting2nd Mar, 20142014-15
JCR Meeting23rd Feb, 20142014-15
JCR Meeting16th Feb, 20142014-15
JCR Meeting9th Feb, 20142014-15
JCR Meeting16th Jan, 20142013-14
JCR Open Meeting14th Jan, 20142013-14
JCR Meeting27th Nov, 20132013-14
JCR Open Meeting17th Nov, 20132013-14
JCR Meeting10th Nov, 20132013-14
JCR Open Meeting22nd Oct, 20132013-14
JCR Meeting18th Oct, 20132013-14
JCR Meeting7th Oct, 20132013-14
JCR Meeting18th Jun, 20132013-14
JCR Meeting17th Jun, 20132013-14
Amended JCR Meeting Minutes16th Jun, 20132013-14
JCR Meeting6th May, 20132013-14
JCR Meeting2nd Mar, 20132013-14
JCR Open Meeting11th Feb, 20132012-13
JCR Open Meeting8th Feb, 20132012-13
JCR Meeting23rd Jan, 20132012-13
JCR Open Meeting29th Oct, 20122012-13
JCR Meeting22nd Oct, 20122012-13
JCR Meeting6th May, 20122012-13
JCR Meeting26th Feb, 20122012-13
JCR Meeting26th Jan, 20122011-12
JCR Open Meeting15th Nov, 20112011-12
JCR Meeting12th Nov, 20112011-12
JCR Meeting7th Oct, 20112011-12
JCR Meeting6th Jun, 20112011-12
JCR Meeting20th May, 20112011-12
JCR Meeting18th Mar, 20112011-12
JCR Meeting4th Mar, 20112011-12
JCR Meeting25th Feb, 20112011-12
JCR Open Meeting31st Jan, 20112010-11
JCR Meeting21st Jan, 20112010-11
JCR Meeting24th Nov, 20102010-11
JCR Open Meeting17th Nov, 20102010-11
JCR Meeting15th Oct, 20102010-11
JCR Meeting27th Apr, 20102010-11
JCR Meeting21st Apr, 20102010-11
JCR Open Meeting9th Mar, 20102010-11
JCR Meeting17th Feb, 20102010-11
JCR Open Meeting29th Jan, 20102009-10
JCR Meeting25th Jan, 20102009-10
JCR Meeting18th Jan, 20102009-10
JCR Meeting16th Nov, 20092009-10
JCR Meeting8th Nov, 20092009-10
JCR Open Meeting4th Nov, 20092009-10
JCR Meeting29th Oct, 20092009-10
JCR Meeting25th Oct, 20092009-10
JCR Meeting5th Oct, 20092009-10
JCR Open Meeting28th Apr, 20092009-10
JCR Meeting25th Apr, 20092009-10
JCR Meeting18th Apr, 20092009-10
JCR Meeting7th Mar, 20092009-10
JCR Meeting24th Jan, 20072006-07
JCR Open Meeting10th Nov, 20062006-07
JCR Meeting20th Oct, 20062006-07
JCR Meeting1st Oct, 20062006-07
JCR Open Meeting15th Jun, 20062006-07
JCR Meeting11th May, 20062006-07
JCR Meeting10th May, 20062006-07
Coordinating Committee Meeting26th Apr, 20062006-07
JCR Open Meeting13th Mar, 20062006-07
JCR Meeting9th Mar, 20062006-07
JCR Meeting21st Feb, 20062006-07
JCR Meeting12th Feb, 20062005-06
JCR Meeting21st Jan, 20062005-06
JCR Meeting19th Nov, 20052005-06
JCR Meeting8th Nov, 20052005-06
JCR Meeting16th Oct, 20052005-06
JCR Meeting21st May, 20052005-06
JCR Meeting7th May, 20052005-06
JCR Open Meeting18th Mar, 20052005-06
JCR Meeting12th Mar, 20052005-06
JCR Meeting26th Feb, 20052005-06
JCR Meeting14th Feb, 20052005-06
JCR Meeting4th Dec, 20042004-05
JCR Meeting6th Nov, 20042004-05
JCR Meeting5th Oct, 20042004-05
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