Whatever support you need during your time at Peterhouse, the welfare team are here to help.

This page provides information on the services offered by the college, the University and other organisations. It is not an exhaustive list, and the websites featured include links to many other charities and agencies.

The current welfare officers are Naomi Weir (welfare-women@peterhousejcr.co.uk) and Tristan Hipper (welfare-men@peterhousejcr.co.uk).

Health and Disability

The College Nurse is Kim Freeman. Kim is your first port of call for all health-related issues. She holds regular surgery hours in Fen Court during Full Term. Web: www.pet.cam.ac.uk/college-nurse; tel: 01223 338222; email: nurse@pet.cam.ac.uk. Outside these hours, First Aid can be administered by the porters (call 01223 338200).

Students with disabilities or long term medical needs can contact the university’s Disability Resource Centre. Web: www.disability.admin.cam.ac.uk; tel: 01223 332301; email: disability@admin.cam.ac.uk; address: Student Support Centre, Bene't Street, CB2 3PT.

In a serious medical emergency, call 999 and tell the porters. In other cases, you can get medical advice by calling 111, or by booking an appointment with your GP. New students should register with a local surgery as soon as they arrive.


If you’re feeling anxious or low you may want to speak to the Assistant Chaplain, Dean, Nurse, your Tutor, or a JCR/MCR Welfare Representative. The College Counsellor is Panayota Manias; please visit www.counselling.cam.ac.uk/cbccouns/peterhouse to register. Sessions take place on Fridays in 1 SPT, room 4. Students are encouraged to apply to the University Counselling Service simultaneously and take the first available appointment. Out of hours you can talk to someone by calling 111.

The University Counselling Service is open to students throughout the university for individual and group sessions. Students are encouraged to apply to the College Counsellor simultaneously and take the first available appointment. There are also many self-help resources on the website. Web: www.counselling.cam.ac.uk; tel: 01223 332865; email: counsellingreception@admin.cam.ac.uk; address: Student Services Centre (3rd floor), Bene't Street, CB2 3PT.

Practical Advice

Your Tutor is able to provide practical support, including advice on financial hardship. Please see www.pet.cam.ac.uk/tutorial-matters for contact details and drop-in hours. For undergraduates, your Director of Studies is usually the first point of contact for academic issues. For graduate students, your supervisor or course co-ordinator should normally be approached first.

The Students’ Unions’ Advice Service offers free, confidential advice and support to Cambridge University students on a range of issues, including finance, academic problems and welfare. They also maintain a helpful directory of university services and support groups. Web: www.studentadvice.cam.ac.uk; tel: 01223 746999; email: advice@studentadvice.cam.ac.uk; address: 17 Mill Lane, CB2 1RX.

Crime, Bullying and Harassment

Cambridge Police Station is at Parkside. Call 999 if someone is in immediate danger, otherwise call 101. Students experiencing sexual harassment or bullying of any kind may wish to speak to their Tutor or the Welfare Coordinator, make an appointment with the University Counselling Service's Sexual Assault and Harassment Advisor (www.counselling.cam.ac.uk/sexual-assault-and-harassment-advisor), and/or visit the University's Breaking the Silence website (www.breakingthesilence.cam.ac.uk).

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