Fen Court Laundry

Peterhouse has two laundry facilities. All washers and dryers are coin operated with shiny new change machines being installed in both laundry rooms. The first facility is in Fen Court, opposite the Computer Office and Ward Library. This has three washers and three dryers, with an iron as well. This is easily accessible for those living in Fen Court, Whittle, as well as residents of Old and Gisborne Court. The second laundry facility is located in Cosin Court, just opposite the road, behind The Hostel and the Trumpington Street houses. Four washers and four dryers, and an iron, are fitted here too.

The Cosin Court facility is wheelchair friendly. The washers may be used by wheelchair users, but the dryers are stacked on top of the washers and are therefore currently inaccessible. Current prices are: £1.40 for a wash, and £1 for a drying cycle. These prices may be liable to change.

Cosin Court Laundry
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