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For any problems regarding computing you should visit the Computing Office (adjacent to the College Computer Room) or email

Gunn Gallery computing room

Computing Rooms

There are two: the main one is located in the Hostel, which is opposite the Porters' Lodge and beside the Master's Lodge. To get to it, retrieve the key from the Porter's Lodge, then cross the street from the Porters' Lodge to get to the Hostel. You can enter the car park beside the Hostel (using your key card at night), and turn left to enter the Hostel's backdoor and find the printing room. You will need your cam card.

The second one is in the Gunn Gallery, within the Library.

Both rooms have a printer, scanner, and photocopier, in addition to computers which are available for student use. For A3 printing, use the computer room located in the Hostel.

Mailing Lists

To manage your mailing list subscriptions (unsubscribe or subscribe), go to or Note that new users do not need to subscribe to any official Peterhouse mailing lists, such as (the mailing list for all Peterhouse undergraduates). This is all done automatically.

To set up an email list for a club or society you need to request that the Computing Service set up the list and approve it, then add the list members and set the list operation settings. The first step is to get the list created by the Computing Service so you can fill it with addresses. You can apply for a list address by filling in the form as detailed on here. More details on restrictions on lists and how they work can be found here.

Student Run Computing Facility

The Student-Run Computing Facility (SRCF) exists as a university society to provide useful, flexible computing and network services for University of Cambridge Staff and Students of all degrees of ability. If you want to make a website for a society, the SRCF provide servers for free to host the site.

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