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Please recycle using the blue bins in your bedroom and kitchen! Examples of items which can be recycled in these bins:

All recycling should be CLEAN, EMPTY and DRY. Give your tins, yoghurt pots and jars a quick rinse before putting them in.

Do NOT recycle contaminated packaging (dirty tinfoil, cling film etc.) as the whole batch may have to go to landfill. You can however recycle EMPTY pizza boxes.

LEAVE LABELS- do not worry about removing them.


In Cambridge PLASTIC FILM IS RECYCLABLE. Eg. the film on top of your strawberry container can be recycled here even though it says it can’t be.

Blue (recycling) and black (landfill) bins should be emptied by the domestic assistant on alternating days. If this is not happening (e.g the domestic assistant empties the blue and black bins into the same plastic bag), please contact the CCE officer ( with your house/staircase to let them know.

Plastic Bags

Please don’t throw away plastic bags! If you have spare plastic bags please put them in the CCE pigeonhole, where they can be communally available. Conversely, if you are in need of a plastic bag while on your way to the supermarket, there should always be some available in this pigeonhole so you don’t have to get a new one. Please try to replace these plastic bags after you have used them. If your plastic bag is broken, either recycle it using your blue bin, or many supermarkets (e.g Sainsbury’s) have a recycling station by their check-outs!


There is a battery recycling point in the self-service area in Sainsburys, or in the College Admissions Office (Old Court, opposite the Porter's Lodge).


Links to the main voluntary organisations:

End of Term Waste Reduction

We have observed that at the end of each term, a large number of useable items are left in rooms. This is not fair to the domestic assistants and is not environmentally sustainable. Charity collections from the British Heart Foundation are now being arranged at the end of each term. Donation bags will be available in the JCR. Please fill these with any items which you do not wish to keep at the end of term (clothes, books, functional appliances) and return them to the collection station in the JCR.

There is also a Facebook group (Peterhouse Freecycle) where students can exchange items so as to avoid having to buy new ones.

If you have a lot of (non-donatable) rubbish at the end of term please do not simply leave it littered around the room, and instead either collect it into plastic bags and place near the respective (recycling or landfill) bins, or if you live in Fitzwilliam Street or SPT, where there are larger bins/skips outside the houses (by the bike-yard in SPT or close to WSB), please dispose of your waste here.

CUSU Ethical Affairs

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