Quarantine / Self-Isolation Welfare

Being either in quarantine or self-isolation can be a really overwhelming experience - especially if you’re new to Cambridge or even the country as a whole! For anyone in quarantine during the period 14th-27th September, we’ve put together a timetable of events to keep you busy and socialising! We’ve also attached our own suggestions about how you can keep fit in this period and the collected leisure recommendations of the Peterhouse JCR community if you find yourself getting bored. The welfare team at Catz have put together a number of virtual resources that can be done either by ourselves or with friends online during this period - we thought they looked really great so decided to share and have linked them below.

Virtual Events 14th - 27th September 

Mon 14/9

Tue 15/9

Wed 16/9

Thu 17/9

Fri 18/9

Sat 19/9

Sun 20/9

19.00-20.00 Online dinner + hang-out

12.00-13.00 Welfare hour with Leanne

18.00-20.00 Online Cards against Humanities

11.00-13.00 Online lunch + hang out

14.00-15.00 Online pictionary

18:30 Yoga via the Peterhouse Yoga Group on Facebook

12.00-13.00 Welfare hour with Leanne

19.00-20.00 Online dinner + hang out

14.00-15.00 Online charades

19.00-21.00 Movie night 

Mon 21/9

Tue 22/9

Wed 23/9

Thu 24/9

Fri 25/9

Sat 26/9

Sun 27/9

IFW events:

11.00-13.00 Online Lunch

20.00-21.00 Mingling & Games

IFW events:

14.00-15.00 Mingling & Games

18.00-20.00 Online dinner

IFW events:

11.00-13.00 Online lunch

18:30 Yoga via the Peterhouse Yoga Group of FB

20.00-21.00 Mingling & games

IFW events:

14.00-15.00 Online games

18.00-20.00 Online dinner

TBC 14.00-15.00 Event with older years quarantining 

IFW events:

20.00-21.00 Online games

Time TBD: online games swap with other colleges          IFW events:

20.00-21.00 Pub quiz

This timetable may be getting updated with more information which you can track via this document.  

All links to zoom calls will be posted on the Peterhouse Sexcentary Club 2020/21 Facebook group.

Peterhouse Welfare Team Suggestions

Keeping Fit 

  • Peterhouse’s lovely yoga instructor Ieva Normantaite runs weekly yoga sessions via zoom for all Petreans on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Join the Facebook group ‘Peterhouse Yoga’ where she posts the zoom link - you can have your camera either on or off, whatever you feel comfortable with!

  • There are also some great youtube videos that can help you keep fit! Some of our favourite fitness youtubers are Yoga with Adrienne (yoga); Chloe Ting, Pamela Reif (conditioning and cardio); Fitness Blender (full body workouts) and Popsugar (dance cardio). 

Books/Film/TV/Music/Recipes/Learning Recommendations

Since lockdown first started, the Peterhouse JCR have been contributing their recommendations into one big document that you can refer to if you’re bored and looking for something new to try!


Catz Welfare Team Suggestions 

Online excursions

Have a chat with a friend and a cuppa while you both watch the same webcam:

Museums offering virtual tours

Many galleries and museums have put their collections online for free, or are offering virtual tours - arrange to visit virtually with a friend, settle down with a cup of something, and chat about what you’re seeing. 

If you can't get out for a real walk...

Fun and games

  • Online games can be played via Board Game Arena.

  • Use a video chat (on Teams or Zoom) to play traditional face to face games such as Charades

  • In a group video chat, play the picture game in which one person chooses an image and describes it using words - everyone else draws what they think the image is and uploads the finished drawings for the group to see - the results are rarely accurate but often very funny. 

  • You can create your own jigsaw puzzle at http://www.epuzzle.info/

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