Previous Committees

Peterhouse Amalgamated Clubs

This page documents all the members of previous committees and their role in Amals.

2021-22 Committee

Name Position
George GarritySecretary
Khalid Guma'aPresident
Ryan MalhiJunior Treasurer

2020-21 Committee

Name Position
Ben Shindler-GlassSecretary
Joe CoghlinPresident
Kevin LiJunior Treasurer

2019-20 Committee

Name Position
Eytan CortissosTreasurer
Joe WinterburnSecretary
Zach HarperPresident

2018-19 Committee

Name Position
Jamie GittinsSecretary
Murray BoyleTreasurer
Nikhil GondaliaPresident

2016-17 Committee

Name Position
Hardeep LotayPresident

2015-16 Committee

Name Position
Adam MevlinPresident
Max SteinerSecretary
Neils Van FraassenJunior Treasurer

2014-15 Committee

Name Position
James StratfordJunior Treasurer
Oli WetternSecretary
Tom BendallPresident

2013-14 Committee

Name Position
Henk-Jaap WagenaarSecretary
James BrindJunior Treasurer

2012-13 Committee

Name Position
Beth KeithPresident
Rachel BardellJunior Treasurer
Richard DeardenSecretary
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