Peterhouse Boat Club

Many peoples' only contact with rowing before coming to Cambridge is the Boat Race, which might have left you with the impression that to row you have to be a 7ft tall Canadian graduate student who's built like Michelangelo's 'David'. While Peterhouse Boat Club probably wouldn't say no to such a person, the majority of new rowers (or Boaties) aren't built like the Renaissance ideal, and as the rowing for first years in Michaelmas term is based around teaching prospective Boaties to row and cox you needn't worry if you've never touched an oar.

Once you've learnt how to row, or if you already have experience rowing, Peterhouse has three men's and two women's boats to compete in. During Freshers' week the Boat Club has a barbecue where anyone interested is welcome to give rowing a try and ask any questions they might have.