Heywood Society

Peterhouse's Heywood Society offers a range of roles for all timetables, tastes, and talents, from Bollywood Romeos to spear-carriers in drag in productions that range from tragedy to farce to the profoundest union of each! Meanwhile, the society maintains an auxiliary team of backstage hands and production crew.

Even if the limelight leaves you feeling sour, therefore, there is a vast variety of ways of contributing to theatre at Peterhouse, from lighting, to advertising to costume design. In the past year alone, we have involved more than fifty members of college in all these various capacities - there is truly something for everyone and no previous experience is required for any of the roles. Further, it remains a great means of making friends both across Peterhouse's year groups and the university as a whole.

The Heywood Society is run by a small committee of undergraduates who operate on almost an entirely autonomous basis. There are at least two large productions across Michaelmas and Lent terms, followed by a Garden Party Gala each Easter, which usually takes place in the Deer Park. Committee elections take place each Lent Term for roles ranging from Junior Treasurer to Executive Producer. However, any undergraduate can put forward a play that they would like to direct, regardless of whether they are a member of the committee or not and will receive full financial and administrative support from the Society.

If you would like to direct, produce, or perform in any production within college, then please don't hesitate to contact the Heywood Society secretary at secretary@heywoodsociety.co.uk