Ethical Information

Where to recycle

Please empty your recycling boxes into the large purple bins found:
  • by the SPT bikesheds
  • outside WBS
  • behind The Hostel (opposite the Porters’ Lodge, as you go towards the laundry)

Plastic Bags

Please keep your plastic bags (including those used to package bread) and return them to the plastic bag recycling point in the self-service area of Sainsburys.


There is a battery recycling point in the self-service area in Sainsburys, or in the College Admissions Office (Old Court, opposite the porter’s lodge)

Biscuit Wrappers

To recycle wrappers give them to Helena via the enironment officer pidge, they will then be up-cycled and the collected money will be donated to our chosen charity (see below). This includes any brand of sweet biscuits and can be individual wrappers (e.g. penguin bars) as well as large packets (e.g. McVities digestives).

Writing Implements Collection

The collection point for writing implements is the environment officer pigeon hole and a box in the law section of library by the computer as you leave from the out of hours door.

Ethical Events

Found on the CUSU ethical events calendar:

Volunteering in Cambridge

Links to the main voluntary organisations:

Current College Charity: Medecins sans Frontieres