Peterhouse Computing

The Peterhouse site has informating on:

  • Configuring Your Computer for a Wired Network Connection
  • Information for New Users
  • Replacement University Cards
  • Wireless Internet Access

For any problems regarding computing you should visit the computing office (adjacent to the College Computer Room) or email

Your mailing lists

To manage your mailing list subscriptions (unsubscribe or subscribe), go to or Note that new users do not need to subscribe to any official Peterhouse mailing lists, such as (the mailing list for all Peterhouse undergraduates). This is all done automatically.

University Computing Service

The UCS, based in the West University Site, provides computing facilities and related services in support of research and teaching in the University of Cambridge. The facilities and service are as follows:

  • Networks, telephones, electronic mail and web authentication, which can only be provided on a University-wide basis
  • Centrally managed services such as Desktop Services, which provides computing resources to individual members of the University
  • Centrally managed services such as the Computing Service public rooms, managed web server, Falcon content management service and managed mail domain services, which are aimed at institutions rather than individuals
  • A wide range of support services for institutional and individually owned facilities, including Software Sales, Unix Support, Windows and Macintosh Support, and the Hardware Support service
  • Ancillary support services such as videoconferencing, printing, and photography and illustration

Society mailing lists

To set up an email list for a club or society, you need to request that the computing service set up the list and approve it, then add the list members and set the list operation settings. The first step is to get the list created by the computing service so you can fill it full of addresses. You can apply for a list address by filing in the form as detailed on here. More details on restrictions on lists and how they work can be found here.

Student Run Computing Facility

The Student-Run Computing Facility (SRCF) exists as a university society to provide useful, flexible computing and network services for University of Cambridge Staff and Students of all degrees of ability.

By becoming a member you gain access to:

  • Website hosting with a rich variety of features
  • Email and mailing lists or
  • 1000MB of file or webspace (and more if required)
  • Graphical desktop service – made possible by the generosity of Third Light Ltd.
  • Free lifelong email and website forwarding when you graduate
  • Friendly and helpful sysadmins
  • All of the above for any society you want the SRCF to host as well