Academic Affairs

The excellent Student Advice Service website has loads of great information on academic matters:

More from the Student Advice Service; they’re particularly helpful regarding advice on appeals, special circumstances, illness, etc.:

Scholarships and grants

Learning Support

Cambridge University Disability Resource Centre:

Key points for organising learning support:

  • Get in contact with the Disability Resource Centre for advice about organising learning support or special examination conditions
  • If you’ve mentioned your needs in your application, you’ll usually receive a letter from the Disability Resource Centre just before you arrive for your first term at Cambridge.
  • Talk about your needs to your Director of Studies, the member of staff at Peterhouse responsible for looking after your academic life
  • Talk about what’s going on with your Tutor, the person at Peterhouse responsible for your general wellbeing
  • Be sure to talk to your individual supervisors and let them know if you have any specific requirements (e.g. you will be typing all your essays)

Advice from current students:

  • Be organised. Talk to your Director of Studies and Tutor early on (preferably in Freshers’ Week) and ensure that they get any application forms you submit in early, since deadlines are not always well-advertised.
  • Remember you may be eligible for a Disabled Student’s Allowance, which provides money towards resources such as laptops, textbooks, software lessons, tutoring sessions and more. Once again, this is organised via the Disability Resource Centre.
  • You are often allowed to record your lectures, provided you ask the lecturer’s permission first.
  • If your exams are in a different place, find out where this is before the day of the exam…
  • Ask for help; there are many different options available. Your first point of call is your Director of Studies or your tutor.
  • Make the most of the resources available: your phone calendar, various grants, your friends etc.!

At Peterhouse:

  • Free supervisions with a study skills expert, Richard Berengarten. Email the Senior Tutor, Dr. Hampton, for more information.
  • Free Writing and Study Seminars, open to all. See for more details.
  • ‘Fitness to Work’ scheme offering flexible help according to your particular needs. Includes regular meetings with your tutor so that college can keep track of your progress and the possibility of extra subject supervisions. For more information, ask your college tutor.

[Updated: 21/04/2014]