Welcome to Peterhouse - the oldest and smallest of the Cambridge colleges! This prospectus has been written by current Peterhouse students to give you our views on what makes it so special. We’ve tried to be impartial and include the negatives as well- which was tricky as we’re all very proud of our lovely little college! Hope you find it useful - and best of luck with your applications! :)

Please also have a look at the official Peterhouse website https://www.pet.cam.ac.uk/.

An extract from our college newspaper, The Dodo, on why the bird is the perfect Peterhouse mascot..!

‘It’s small. It’s a little bit inept at sport. It’s cute. It’s profoundly eccentric. It’s a little insular, but all the more friendly because of that. And though in some ways it’s a thing of the past, the present thinks of it with great affection, and where else can relics cling to life if not in Cambridge? We at The Dodo thus encourage you to embrace the dodo, not as a symbol of extinction, but as a symbol of everything that makes our college unique and rather lovable.’