A day in the life of an Arts student

Alex Laar, English

8.30 – Wake up, hit snooze on the alarm. Lectures aren’t on till 10 today!

9.00 – Perhaps continue the lie-in? The lectures are only a 3 minute cycle away, after all. No, time for breakfast. Get up, eat, and get ready.

10.00 – Lectures begin. There are 2 today, at 10am and 11am. One is on Form in poetry and the other on Medieval Culture. Both very interesting.

11.00 – Have coffee with friends, before heading back into the Faculty Library or the nearby University Library to do some work or get out the books that are needed for this week’s essay.

12.30 – Lunch in town or in the Hall at Peterhouse, a chance to catch up with friends who do other subjects after the morning’s work. The walk from the University Library into central Cambridge provides a very scenic stroll.

1.30 – Shoot some pool in the JCR common room after lunch, play video games or watch TV.

2.00 – Start reading or writing in preparation for classes and essays in the college Library, and think about that supervision later on.

3.30 – Mandatory tea break, then back to work.

5.00 – Supervision in College on the last week’s essay, an hour long and nothing too painful! Tomorrow I’ll return the used books to the library and begin to look at next week’s reading.

6.00 – Dinner in College, again a nice chance to see everyone after a busy day.

7.00 – Play more pool, and then return to the library to finish off some writing for a foreign language paper essay that needs doing.

9.00 – Go to the bar or to the pub just outside Peterhouse, where friends and drinks await.

10.30 – Head to the theatre with friends to catch the Footlights comedy sketch show at 11pm.

11.45 – Leave the show and have a drink in the theatre bar or head next door to The Maypole, Cambridge’s finest pub.

12.00 – Back home for a good night’s sleep. No lectures tomorrow, but plenty of reading to be getting on with!

[Updated: 21/04/2014]