Peterhouse has a free gym which is spacious and well equipped - including cardio equipment, machines, punch bags and lots of free weights. There are squash courts, a table tennis table and a croquet court on site and you can borrow any equipment you need. The sports pitches and boat club are both a 10-15 minute cycle away (which makes a good warm up!)

Peterhouse is a great college to pick if you enjoy sports and want to give things a try without worrying that you’re not good enough/ you’ve never played properly before. It’s probably not the best college if you’re hoping to win Cuppers (the intercollegiate sports tournaments) all the time- although we have lots of talented people, our teams often aren’t as professional as some of the larger colleges. However we do sometimes do really well (our boat club, football teams and pool* team are especially good), leading to College-wide celebration! Even our Master turns up to watch the Boat Club bumps, and (if we’re in them) the Cuppers finals!

*Yes, we class pool as a sport.

Current Peterhouse Sports teams (2016)

‘I'd say one of my favourite things about Peterhouse is college sport. Because we are a small college, there isn’t much competition for places on sports teams so you can play any sport you wish, even if you’ve never done it before. Any talent is greatly appreciated, and yet so is enthusiasm. Some of our teams are shared with other colleges so you get to meet new people (and it’s a good opportunity to potentially go to formals at other colleges). And the best thing is, sometimes we do really well! (Leading to surprised comments from people from home that I am not only on a sports team, but a tournament winning sports team!’

[Updated 30/08/2016]