Sports and Societies

Cambridge offers much more than just outstanding teaching and a beautiful view out of your window. There’s university teams in virtually every sport and over 700 societies - from the more conventional drama, music and journalism to tea drinking and tiddlywinks...

On top of this, each college has it’s own sports teams and societies. Smaller colleges like Peterhouse sometimes have joint teams- this is a good way to meet people from other colleges and get invited to their formal dinners! Peterhouse societies and sports teams are some of the most active in Cambridge- partly because we get room points for extra curricular activities (those with the most room points get first pick of rooms for 2nd/3rd year) and partly because they are are very inclusive (knowledge/skill is optional- as long as you are enthusiastic you are very much appreciated!)

Click the links on the left to find out about the sports teams and societies that currently exist in Peterhouse (this might be a bit out of date as new ones are always being set up!).

‘Thanks to our idiosyncratic ‘room points’ system, Peterhouse has one of the most active extracurricular scenes of any Cambridge college. We have College societies focussed on politics, feminism, science, history, humanities, drama and cocktails, to name but a few, as well as numerous enthusiastic sports teams. Being a small College, the cult of the amateur reigns supreme and everyone is encouraged (and often bribed with college-funded wine/snacks) to get involved. I just turned up to a few meetings in first year and soon, rather by accident, ended up running two societies and the college newspaper. If, by some miracle, Peterhouse doesn’t have something that fits your interests, it’s also very easy to apply for funding and set up your own group.’

[Updated 30/08/16]