Useful Links

Please follow us on facebook (Peterhouse JCR), twitter and instagram (@peterhouselife) where students post photos and info about life at Peterhouse.

The wonderful Peterhouse Admissions team are incredibly helpful! Email them any questions and you should get a prompt reply.

They’re also active on student room, so you can ask them any questions there

On top of that they run a Peterhouse Outreach Twitter feed which will keep you posted on relevant competitions, interesting further reading and all manner of other things to help you apply!

If you have a question for current students (no matter how silly it may seem) email the current Access officer. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll be happy to get you in contact with a student who does!

Another very useful resource is the official Peterhouse website (written mainly by staff rather than students)

For general information about Cambridge the university’s undergraduate admissions website is a great place to start (and they have some pretty pictures in the Peterhouse section!):

Or try the Cambridge alternative prospectus for the student perspective:

[Updated 30/08/16]