Peterhouse makes sure its students are well looked after.

You will have a tutor, separate from your academic director of studies, who is responsible for your pastoral care and who you meet with at least once a term. The Porters are very helpful and our college nurse runs frequent drop in sessions The Chaplain and Dean are also lovely, and happy to chat to anyone, whether or not they are religious. The Dean organises frequent free Port evenings and Dean’s teas where an impressive selection of sandwiches,desserts and drinks is laid out across the Deer park.

There are also two elected student welfare officers (one male and one female) that run weekly drop in sessions with tea and biscuits. They have been trained to listen and advise you on any problems, and can also provide sexual health supplies and bike locks/lights. Our Welfare officers also organise loads of events, including movie and board game nights (with plenty of free food), ‘fruity fridays’ (free fruit in the common room), yoga sessions, bike safety training, and visits from a welfare dog! There are also students elected to represent particular groups of people - LGBT officer, BME officer, women's officer etc. Furthermore, all students have college parents from the year above who will help you with everything from unpacking to passing down textbooks and revision tips!

‘Peterhouse is such a friendly place - there's always a porter who's willing to have a chat with you, or someone you know in college who'll say hello. I haven't been to any other college where the people are so friendly. Combined with the facilities we have, the quality of supervisions and the atmosphere of being the oldest Cambridge college, it's a really great place to live.’

[Updated 30/08/2016]