2019 Candidates

Below are a list of candidates along with their manifesto.


  • Aisha Farooq
  • Committee

  • Access Officer: Mia Sarafian
  • Access Officer: Ruben Traynor
  • Bar & Buttery Officer: Caitlin Cashmore-Roche
  • Bar & Buttery Officer: Paul Heller
  • Bar & Buttery Officer: Shijian Yang
  • BME Officer: Shayan Navab
  • CCE Officer: Johanna Winder
  • CCE Officer: Trudy Yates
  • Disabilities & Illnesses Officer: Jamie Hancock
  • Disabilities & Illnesses Officer: Sid Bryant
  • Entertainment Officer: Talia Smithers
  • Freshers Rep: Gemma Kinsley
  • Freshers Rep: Sophie Challonder
  • International Rep: Ivan Phanada
  • LGBT+ Officer: Jury van Egmond
  • LGBT+ Officer: Morgan Barnden
  • Men's Welfare: Kyieron Clarke
  • Secretary and Communications: Ben Webb
  • Secretary and Communications: Joey Pritchard
  • Secretary and Communications: Lara Mandell
  • Treasurer: Clifford Robinson
  • Vice President: Andrew Walker
  • Vice President: Guillermo Iniguez
  • Women and Marginalised Genders Officer: Marina Mateo
  • Women's Welfare: Cassandra Penny
  • Women's Welfare: Kiel Delaunois
  • Women's Welfare: Naomi Ticehurst
  • Women's Welfare: Naomi Weir
  • Amals

  • Zach Harper, Eytan Cortissos & Joe Winterburn
  • President: Joe Coghlin
  • Secretary: James Redpath
  • 2016 Candidates

    Below are a list of candidates along with their manifesto.


  • Frances Hawker
  • Maximilian Steiner
  • Hardeep Lotay
  • Committee

  • Access Officer: C.Clubb
  • Access Officer: R.Lakshman
  • Access Officer: T.Adelani
  • Bar & Buttery Officer: R.Day
  • CCE Officer: V.Upton
  • Duke of Wesilton: M.Boden
  • Ents: A.Rodgers
  • Ethnic Minority Officer: N.Obeng
  • Freshers Rep: B.Robinson
  • Freshers Rep: M.Knight
  • International Rep: C.Fung
  • International Rep: F.Nielsen
  • International Rep: Y.Zhao
  • LGBT+ Officer: J.Sutcliffe
  • Men's Welfare: C. Saunders
  • Treasurer: X.Lin
  • Vice President: E.Lloyd
  • Women's Officer: S.Hertz
  • Women's Welfare: G.Girdwood
  • Women's Welfare: R.Flint
  • 2015 Results

    Congratulations to all, the elected members are as follows;

    AMALs President-Adam Melvin,

    AMALs Secretary-Max Steiner,

    AMALs Treasurer-Neils Van Fraassen,

    JCR President-Johanna Ohlman,

    Vice President and External Officer-Maggie Polk,

    JCR Secretary-Lucy Mair,

    JCR Treasurer-Harry Ruffell,

    Ents Officer-Nicole Zhou,

    Bar and Buttery Officer-Sam Draper,

    International Rep-Peter Jackson,

    CCE Officer-Helena Raraty,

    Freshers Rep-Frances Hawker,

    Access Officer-Natalie Rickard,

    Women's Officer-Ellie Myerson,

    Women's Welfare-Caitlin Milliken,

    Men's Welfare Officer-Joel Marshall,

    LGBTQ Officer-Lukas Fuchs,

    Webmaster-Adrito Das.