The JCR Committee 2016-17

“The aim of the Sexcentenary Club shall be the representation of the views and interests of its members.” - JCR Constitution

Cameron Saunders

Academic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Men's Rep

Georgie Girdwood

Academic Affairs & Welfare Officer - Women's Rep

Vanessa Upton

Charities, Campaigns & Environment Officer

Alice Rogers

Ents Officer

Naomi Obeng

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Bec Robinson

First Year Officer

Yanhong Zhao

International Representative

Julian Sutcliffe

LBGT+ Representative

Frances Hawker


Aiden Ang Ding Jun

Secretary & Communications Officer

Xiao Lin

Treasurer & Amenities Officer

Elizabeth Lloyd

Vice President and External Officer

Xuan Guo


Stevie Hertz

Women's Officer