The JCR Committee 2010-11

“The aim of the Sexcentenary Club shall be the representation of the views and interests of its members.” - JCR Constitution

Faye Rolfe

Academic Affairs and Welfare Officer

Bob Winslow

Access and Equal Opportunities Officer

Safia Erbakan

Amenities Officer & Vice President

Ben Ryan

Bar and Buttery Officer

Rebecca Tsao

Charities, Campaigns and Environment Officer

Emma Greensmith

Ents Officer

Austin Carpenter

External Officer

Ashley Abrahams

First Year Representative

Nancy Chen

GEEMA Representative

Mingwei Tan

International Representative

Youn Yee Poon

Junior Treasurer

Ed Tait

LBGT Representative

Nick Dixon-Clegg


Nathan Allen

Secretary and Communications Officer

Daniel Thomas


Isabella Cookson

Women's Representative