The JCR Committee 2004-05

“The aim of the Sexcentenary Club shall be the representation of the views and interests of its members.” - JCR Constitution

Matthew Bennett

Academic Affairs and Target Schools Officer

George Penny

Amenities Officer

Mark Symes

Bar and Buttery Officer

Tabitha Hutton

Charities, Campaigns and Environment Officer

Will Barrett

Editor of 'The Sex'

Padrig O'Hara

Ents Officer

Paul Lomax

External Officer

Sam Roberts

First Year Representative

Sameer Kurmani

GEEMA Representative

Dheer Mehta

International Representative

Mark Smith

Junior Treasurer

Victoria Pia Spry-Marques

LBGT Representative

Colin Fulton


Franklin Zhong

Secretary and Communications Officer

Julia Fordham

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officer and Vice-President

Rebecca Hitchens

Women's Representative