The JCR Committee 2019-20

“The aim of the Sexcentenary Club shall be the representation of the views and interests of its members.” - JCR Constitution

Ruben Traynor

Access & Equal Opportunities Officer

Shijian Yang

Bar & Buttery Officer

Johanna Winder

Charities, Campaigns, and Environments Officer

Sidony Bryant

Disabilities and Illnesses Officer

Talia Smithers

Entertainments Officer

Shayan Navab

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Sophie Challonder

First Year Officer

Ivan Phanada

International Officer

Morgan Barnden

LGBTQ+ Officer

Tristan Hipper

Men's Welfare Officer

Aisha Farooq


Joey Pritchard

Secretary and Communications Officer

Clifford Robinson


Guillermo Iniguez

Vice-President and Externals Officer

JP Laduguie


Marina Mateo

Women and Marginalised Genders Officer

Naomi Weir

Women's Welfare Officer